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MakinaRocks is a startup specializing in industrial machine intelligence. Our solutions use sensor and numeric data to detect anomalies in equipment, increase product quality, and improve process control.
For more information, Feel free to download our company and solutions brochures.

  • Company introduction brochure

    MakinaRocks provides solutions specializing in manufacturing & energy industries, reducing production costs and managing processes more efficiently. Learn more about what we do in our company introduction brochure.

  • Tech Brochure - Anomaly Detection Suite (ADS)

    MakinaRocks's Anomaly Detection Suite(ADS) provides predictive maintenance services to high-complexity industries. Download our product brochure here.

  • Pitch Deck

    MakinaRocks is on a mission to make industrial technology intelligent and deliver it as transformative solutions. Find out more about MakinaRocks and our proprietary technology from our Pitch Deck.

  • Automotive Deck

    MakinaRocks's AI solutions innovate automotive manufacturing, from the derivation of industrial robot arm working routes to the automation of wheel alignment testing. Download our Automotive Deck to learn more.