Not familiar with machine learning? No problem. With Runway, anyone can build and convert training pipelines with simple drag-and-drop action. Leverage our ready-to-use templates to seamlessly apply industry-specific AI models to your projects.
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Pre-defined Components

Custom-build ML pipelines to your specifications, using a variety of components designed for data preprocessing and model development.

Effortless Data Processing

Simplify data processing tasks - from feature selection to handling missing values, encoding variables, and transforming data types. Once your settings are configured, modify them effortlessly to align with your specific goals.

Optimal ML Model Selection

Runway AutoML provides a guided framework, allowing you to select an ML model tailored to your business requirements, empowering stakeholders to make impactful decisions.

Industry-specific Templates

Explore pre-defined ML pipeline templates tailored for manufacturing and industry needs, featuring models for anomaly detection and many more. Accelerate the application of AI/ML with Runway.
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Use Cases
See how AI technology in anomaly detection, optimization, and predictive analytics is making industries intelligent