Critical equipment monitoring and
AI-based anomaly detection solution

Key features

Fast Adoption
  • Quicker data connection with a comprehensive data collection interface
  • Supports various data types including: RDBMS, MQTT, Kafka Topics, Excel, CSV etc
  • Live critical equipment monitoring and anomaly detection service applied to actual manufacturing lines just 7 days after data connection
Easy to Use
  • Monitor respective equipment data through a dashboard without the assistance of expert data scientists or engineers
  • Instant alerts for any anomalies or precursors for breakdowns of equipment
  • Cause analysis available through dashboard in cases of anomalies
Automated Diagnosis
  • AI algorithm automatically diagnoses equipment stability without any need for in-house AI experts
  • View each equipment's data monitoring results and anomaly cause analysis results on a custom dashboard
  • Instant alerts based on prognosis of mission-critical equipment
AI-powered Prediction
  • AI models are trained with accumulated data to predict the present and future states of each equipment in real-time

Verified Anomaly Detection Solution for All Equipments in All Industries

MRX-ray can detect anomalies for essential industrial equipment - such as laser drills and motors - and can be customized to detect anomalies in mission critical industrial equipment per customer needs
Core Equipment

Implementation process

Feasibility Check

  • Decide data collection system and installation environment
  • Decide entity responsible for data connection
  • Connect data
  • Train AI models with real data for 7 days

Basic Operation

  • Monitor equipment data and receive alarms for anomalies
  • Record and manage equipment-related events, such as anomalies and maintenance history
  • Receive user training for MRX-ray users


  • View additional equipment-related data, such as false alarms, for performance enhancement
  • Decide whether to retrain/redeploy models based on monitoring results

Advanced Service

  • Customized modeling for additional critical equipment
  • Deploy and manage custom models, with performance analysis features
7 days
Monthly Subscription
Consultation Needed
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