Runway: AI Platform for Automated Retraining in Defense Networks

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  • AI Platform


The national defense needed an environment for seamless retraining and redeployment of AI models to military experts without specialized AI skills. This required a robust, closed-network system to integrate diverse AI environments across defense institutes while ensuring strict confidentiality of sensitive military data.


Data security was ensured by operating within a closed network with limited external communication. The AI platform supported cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments, offering flexibility in deployment. Key features included AutoML for optimization in military operations, auto annotation for real-time anomaly detection, and EdgeOps for customized AI model deployment on various military systems, all accessible through an intuitive GUI designed for non-experts.

Value Delivered

The system enabled rapid deployment and integration of defense-specific AI applications across various settings, including manned-unmanned teaming(MUM-T), military logistics, cyber breach detection, and large language models(LLMs) for military operations. This made AI utilization cost-effective and straightforward for both technical personnel and military experts, enhancing adaptability and mission success.

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