MakinaRocks honored with MOTIE Minister’s Award at 2023 DXCon

MakinaRocks honored with MOTIE Minister’s Award at 2023 DXCon


Seoul, South Korea, November 6, 2023 – MakinaRocks, an enterprise AI company, received the Minister’s commendation for its noteworthy contributions to the field of 'Industrial Intelligence' at the 2023 Industrial Digital Transformation Conference (DXCon) held at COEX in Seoul on November 1, 2023.

This award acknowledges companies and organizations that have played a pivotal role in advancing digital transformation. MakinaRocks was recognized for its active involvement in the field of industrial intelligence and its outstanding achievements in the "Excellence in Solution Development" category. 

MakinaRocks earned this recognition by leading the development and deployment of Runway (, a globally competitive enterprise AI platform that accelerates the adoption of artificial intelligence across various sectors. The company is at the forefront of enhancing diverse industries, offering comprehensive, industry-specific AI solutions focusing on anomaly detection, control optimization, and predictive analysis through cutting-edge deep learning technologies. 

Jaehyuk Lee, the CEO of MakinaRocks, expressed his pride in the dedication of the team, stating, “This achievement is a testament to the efforts of our team members, who have developed and applied AI solutions tailored to various industries, including automotive, semiconductor, battery, and energy, resulting in tangible advancements.” He added, “As a trusted AI partner for manufacturing and industrial companies, we are committed to enhancing AI competitiveness, thereby bolstering Korea’s manufacturing capabilities on the global stage, and facilitating productivity improvements and cost reductions.” 

MakinaRocks is the sole Korean AI company globally recognized in the manufacturing category of the CB Insights’ AI 100, alongside esteemed global AI companies like OpenAI, Huggingface, and Weights & Biases. With offices in Seoul and Silicon Valley, the company boasts a highly skilled team of over 110 employees, with engineers comprising 75% of the workforce as of November 2023. The company achieved a remarkable milestone by securing investments from renowned global investors, including Applied Ventures, GS Holdings (KRX:078930), Hanwha (KRX:000880), Hyundai Motors Company (KRX:005380), Korea Development Bank, and LG (KRX: 003550).

About MakinaRocks

MakinaRocks is a pioneering leader in enterprise AI software for the global manufacturing industry, dedicated to accelerating industries’ transition to AI. Leveraging our MLOps platform and end-to-end AI solutions, we empower businesses to optimize operations, gain insights, and unlock significant value. Backed by $25M+ funding from global investors like Applied Ventures and Hyundai Motor Group, MakinaRocks is a top innovator listed in CB Insights AI 100 and the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community. Learn more at 

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