MakinaRocks Featured as AI Development Platform in CB Insights’ ‘The Machine Learning Operations Market Map’

MakinaRocks Featured as AI Development Platform in CB Insights’ ‘The Machine Learning Operations Market Map’

‘One-stop shops for enterprises’ alongside global leaders such as Huggingface, Databricks, and Dataiku 

MakinaRocks: “Our AI platform ‘Runway’ will allow enterprises to experience the efficacy of AI in everyday operations” 


SEOUL, South Korea, July 8, 2024 – MakinaRocks, an industrial AI company, has been listed in the ‘AI Development Platform’ category of the ‘Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) Market Map’ released by global research firm CB Insights. Notably, it is the only Korean company featured in this category. 


In the AI Development Platform category, MakinaRocks is listed alongside industry giants such as DataRobot, Databricks, Dataiku, ScaleAI, and Huggingface, known for providing comprehensive AI operations software. This recognition underscores MakinaRocks’ capability to compete on a global scale. 


Last month, CB Insights published “The Enterprise AI Roadmap,” a report based on interviews with over 50 companies that have their own data analytics and AI development platforms. The report includes a detailed MLOps market map categorizing the key players in enterprise AI into 12 segments, including training data curation, data annotation, model deployment, and serving, which offer end-to-end machine learning operations. 


CB Insights defines AI development platforms as "solutions that serve as one-stop shops for enterprises that want to develop and launch in-house AI projects. Vendors in this space enable organizations to manage all aspects of the AI lifecycle—from data preparation, training, and validation to model deployment and continuous monitoring—through a single platform in order to facilitate end-to-end model development. Some vendors offer 'drag-and-drop' interfaces or 'plug-and-play' solutions that enable teams without in-depth AI expertise to build AI projects." 


MakinaRocks’ Runway, the only Korean player recognized in this category, automates the full spectrum of AI operations—including DataOps, MLOps, and LLMOps—within a single integrated platform. With features like auto annotation and AutoML, Runway allows users without coding expertise to leverage AI through an intuitive, click-based graphical user interface (GUI). 


“As the importance of AI competitiveness grows, there is an increasing demand for technology that simplifies AI adoption across enterprises,” said Andre S. Yoon, CEO of MakinaRocks. “Our AI platform, Runway, will allow enterprises to experience the efficacy of AI in everyday operations, empowering both data scientists and practitioners to harness the power of AI in industrial settings and achieve ‘real-world AI.’” 


MakinaRocks is a global AI leader, with over 4,000 successful AI model deployments in manufacturing and industrial environments. The company spearheads AI transformation (AX) in the industrial sector by offering tailored AI models for anomaly detection, optimization, predictive analytics, and industrial LLMs through its AI platform, Runway, maximizing AI utilization across enterprises.


About MakinaRocks

MakinaRocks is a pioneering leader in enterprise AI software for the global manufacturing industry, dedicated to accelerating industries’ transition to AI. Leveraging our MLOps platform and end-to-end AI solutions, we empower businesses to optimize operations, gain insights, and unlock significant value. Backed by $25M+ funding from global investors like Applied Ventures and Hyundai Motor Group, MakinaRocks is a top innovator listed in CB Insights AI 100 and the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community. Learn more at

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