MakinaRocks and FriendliAI Partner to Develop LLMOps in Generative AI

MakinaRocks and FriendliAI Partner to Develop LLMOps in Generative AI


Runway and PeriFlow form strategic alliance to spearhead enterprise generative AI services advancement
MakinaRocks and FriendliAI: LLMOps and Gen AI reach new heights with dynamic partnership


SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, July 21, 2023 – MakinaRocks announced the first step in a plan to develop an LLMOps platform, specializing in generative AI, in partnership with FriendliAI. The official signing ceremony at MakinaRocks’ headquarters in Seocho-gu, Seoul, on Friday, May 21, at 10:00 am, marks the initiation of an epoch-making collaboration. 


The strategic partnership between MakinaRocks and FriendliAI facilitates the exchange of essential technologies, paving the way for a cutting-edge operational platform dedicated to generative AI. By integrating MakinaRocks’ enterprise MLOps platform, Runway, with FriendliAI’s generative AI model learning and serving service, PeriFlow, this collaboration aims to unlock new possibilities in generative AI-based services. Moreover, the partnership seeks to explore and cater to customers seeking innovative solutions in the dynamic field of generative AI. 


MakinaRocks, honored as the exclusive ‘Manufacturing’ representative in CB Insights 2023 AI 100, leads the charge in innovation with its cutting-edge enterprise MLOps platform, Runway. Embracing Runway, businesses can revolutionize the entire ML lifecycle – from data preparation to model development, deployment, retraining, and monitoring – with remarkable efficiency, thanks to its advanced bidirectional pipeline conversion and resource optimization techniques. Notably, Runway streamlines AI model deployment, reducing complexity by an impressive 50% compared to existing solutions. This leap in efficiency empowers AI engineers, propelling businesses towards AI-powered excellence. 


FriendliAI, a visionary deep tech company, offers world-class expertise in generative AI learning and serving engines. At the core of their portfolio is the proprietary PeriFlow, which dramatically enhances the learning efficiency and inference speed of generative AI models, including Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT. In recognition of their cutting-edge technology, FriendliAI was selected among the top 2.5% to present an oral paper on their core technology, BPipe, at the 2023 International Conference on Machine Learning. 

The surge in ChatGPT’s popularity has led to a growing demand for efficient management of large-scale models like LLM, with businesses increasingly adopting custom AI solutions. Recognizing the significance of this trend, the industry eagerly awaits the outcome of the partnership between MakinaRocks and FriendliAI. Together, these visionary entities will forge a specialized operational platform dedicated to generative AI, with a special focus on large language model operations (LLMOps). This platform aims to empower a wide spectrum of generative AI companies, enabling seamless offerings of services such as AI consultation (e.g., law and patents), text generation (e.g., translation, press, subtitles), and media generation (e.g., voice and video) in a cost-effective and user-friendly manner. 


“We’re thrilled to unite FriendliAI’s generative AI technology with MakinaRocks’ MLOps expertise, creating an advanced generative AI-specific operating system—a first in Korea,” shared Andre S. Yoon, CEO of MakinaRocks. “Our vision is to build an ‘Enterprise Jarvis,’ a transformative AI assistant addressing AI engineers’ queries across diverse business domains. The powerful synergy between our companies promises an exciting future of AI-driven innovation.” 


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FriendliAI is a leading provider of cutting-edge inference serving engines for generative AI. Our mission is to enable our customers to serve their generative AI models efficiently at low costs and minimal environmental impact. For more information, please visit

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