MakinaRocks-Advantech Sign MOU to ‘Develop AI Platform Embedded Server’

MakinaRocks-Advantech Sign MOU to ‘Develop AI Platform Embedded Server’


MakinaRocks AI Platform ‘Runway’ and Advantech Server Hardware Join Forces for Appliance Product Development 

Introduction to No-Code·Low-Code AI Model Deployment, Propelling Market Expansion 


Seoul, South Korea, March 21, 2024  MakinaRocks, a pioneer in enterprise AI solutions, and Advantech KR, a leader in industrial AIoT technologies, have today announced a strategic partnership through a memorandum of understanding (MOU). This collaboration is poised to introduce an innovative AI platform embedded server, marking a significant leap forward in industrial AI applications. The agreement was inked at MakinaRocks' headquarters in Seoul, with CEOs Andre S. Yoon and Charlie Chung of MakinaRocks and Advantech KR, respectively, at the helm of this visionary initiative. 


The core of this partnership is the integration of MakinaRocks' proprietary AI platform, Runway, with Advantech’s cutting-edge Edge AI hardware. This collaboration aims to produce an AI appliance product—a specialized embedded server designed to simplify the deployment of AI models in the manufacturing sector. The product targets essential functions such as anomaly detection, control optimization, and logistics scheduling, employing a user-friendly no-code/low-code interface on the AI platform. 


Runway is a Kubernetes-based AI (MLOps) platform developed by MakinaRocks, tailored for enterprise requirements. It features a comprehensive technology stack for seamless data integration, replicates AI/ML development and operational environments, and supports hybrid deployments (cloud and on-premises). 


This collaboration between Runway and Advantech’s Kubernetes server hardware is set to revolutionize the CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) of AI models. It aims to drastically cut development and maintenance costs while enhancing performance. The partnership also seeks to democratize advanced AI technologies by making the high-performance AI platform embedded server available on the Korea ON-Line E-Procurement System, ensuring a wide market reach. 


The synergy between Runway and Advantech’s specialized Kubernetes server hardware is designed to enhance the continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) of AI models, significantly reducing development and maintenance costs while boosting performance. The collaborative product aims to democratize access to advanced AI technologies by listing the high-performance AI platform embedded server on the Korea ON-Line E-Procurement System, ensuring broad market reach. 


Andre S. Yoon, CEO of MakinaRocks, highlighted a critical issue in AI deployment: "In many AI projects, the failure to launch AI models into production stems from an overemphasis on model performance—which constitutes merely 5% of the total ML system—and neglect of the technical debt that accounts for the remaining 95%." He further stated, "Our appliance product, developed in collaboration with Advantech, a global leader in embedded computing, will significantly enhance AI usability in manufacturing." 


Charlie Chung, CEO of Advantech, underscored the transformative potential of this partnership: "AI is indispensable for the evolution of smart factories. This collaboration enables us to bring AI's practical benefits directly to the production floor, combining MakinaRocks’ specialized AI platform with our robust Edge AI hardware." 


MakinaRocks is recognized among the World’s Top 100 AI Companies 2023, a list that includes industry behemoths like OpenAI and Huggingface. With over 50 successful AI projects across various sectors, this partnership is set to redefine the application of AI in the industrial sphere. 


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