MakinaRocks makes the “Korea AI Startup 100” two years in a row

MakinaRocks makes the “Korea AI Startup 100” two years in a row

[Press Release = October 20, 2022 (Thursday), Seoul, Korea] AI startup MakinaRocks (Co-CEOs Seong-ho Yoon and Jae-hyuk Lee), which specializes in manufacturing and industrial solutions, was selected for the “Korea AI Startup 100” list for a second straight year.


The “Korea AI Startup 100” project seeks to discover startups that will contribute to enhancing national competitiveness by fostering the advancement of the AI innovation ecosystem, recognizing 100 leading startups every year since 2021. Candidate startups are evaluated based on the evaluation model jointly developed by KAIST and KT Economic Management Research Institute, which includes quantitative indicators such as market size and scalability, enterprise value and sales, AI professionals’ expertise, and AI technology and products as well as qualitative indicators such as sustainability and social impact.


MakinaRocks was selected for the second consecutive year in the AI solution/platform field after making the inaugural list last year. CEO Yoon Seong-ho said, “It is an honor to be recognized for our technological prowess, as MakinaRocks has solved industrial problems with its AI technology specialized in anomaly detection, prediction, and combination optimization. MakinaRocks’s latest product, Runway, an MLOps platform, will assist companies in creating real business value with AI by developing, deploying, and operating machine learning models faster and more easily.”


MakinaRocks created the enterprise MLOps platform Runway based on its experience in developing and operating high-performance ML models through various manufacturing and industrial AI projects in the semiconductor, energy, and automobile sectors. Runway, which supports AI model execution in a wide range of infrastructure environments from cloud and domain-optimized on-premises, is currently in closed beta testing (CBT) with semiconductor equipment and automobile companies, and is expected to be generally available for corporate customers by the end of this year.


Founded in 2017, MakinaRocks is an AI startup with offices in Seoul and Silicon Valley. As of October 2022, MakinaRocks has 85 employees, 75% of whom are engineers. In July 2022, MakinaRocks was selected by the technology market intelligence company CB Insights for its “Advanced Manufacturing 50” list. In 2021, MakinaRocks was selected as one of the “World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers,” a title previously given to Google, Airbnb, and Palantir Technologies.

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