Make industrial technology intelligent and deliver it as transformative solutions.


Make industrial technology intelligent

Our mission is to make industrial technology intelligent and deliver it as transformative solutions. At MakinaRocks, we believe that data is key in understanding the world we live in. Our technical field experts leverage data and machine intelligence to create ML-solutions that finds hidden patterns in data to make predictions exceeding the capacity of the human being. Let ML increase your industrial efficiency. Join us in our mission to push the boundaries of technology, into the next industrial revolution.

What we do

Deliver machine intelligence that works for industries.

01 Incorporate domain expertise into AI

No generic “all-field” AI exists, as AI needs to be carefully tailored to fit the needs of each industry. Incorporating domain expertise into AI is integral in solving industry-specific problems. Domain expertise helps AI outlearn and deliver what’s needed.

02 Overcome 'small data’

There is never enough data. Issues with data quality, insufficient labels and label imbalance makes AI applications challenging. We believe that the key is not to merely build a model with “enough” data, but to build a model with available data and improve the model over time. Our Lifelong Learning technology has been proven to overcome such data challenges and enhance model performance even in dynamic operational environments.

03 Streamline AI implementation

The deployment of AI often requires endless proof-of-concept(PoC), pilots, and system deployment. We streamline the entire AI implementation process with our products, delivering results efficiently according to your digital and business needs.

Who we are

Meet our team of passionate specialists.