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Our team

  • Andre S. Yoon

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Andre Yoon is a tech entrepreneur with a strong engineering and science background. Upon graduating from MIT with a Ph.D. in Physics, he joined Samsung Electronics to develop high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) and intelligent storage systems far exceeding conventional storage in performance. Andre's vision of delivering transformative values with machine intelligence has driven him to spend his career defining problems and creating solutions, focusing on the capabilities of data science and machine learning. This led his career towards building software solutions for industrial applications as the Lead Data Scientist at SK Telecom, and founding MakinaRocks.

  • Jaehyuk Lee

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Jaehyuk Lee, co-founder and co-CEO, is a strategy and process consultant with 20+ years of experience in business development & planning. His diverse industry background and extensive knowledge of enterprise solutions, such as SAP and Oracle, stems from his prior work as a senior consultant at Accenture as the team leader of IoT and Big Data projects at SK Telecom. With an MBA from Chicago Booth, he has an international network in the high-tech investment sector, which led him towards the development of industrial AI solutions, and founding MakinaRocks.

  • Sangwoo Shim

    Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist

    Sangwoo Shim is a co-founder and Chief Data Scientist at MakinaRocks. He focuses on developing Machine Learning infrastructure and overseeing AI projects and solutions for manufacturing. Sangwoo has pursued his career in various quantitative areas including quantitative finance, equity trading, and data analysis in global companies. Upon completion of his Ph.D. in Chemical Physics at Harvard University, he joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York as a quantitative analyst. He later worked as a quantitative portfolio manager at WorldQuant and Millennium Capital in Old Greenwich and Singapore. Prior to MakinaRocks, he worked in the Big Data Analysis Group at Samsung Electronics. Sangwoo believes that his expertise in statistics, optimization, and software engineering will contribute to achieving MakinaRocks’s mission to innovate manufacturing through artificial intelligence.

  • Yongsub Lim

    Co-Founder & Principal Data Scientist

    An experienced data scientist with a passion for data-driven problem solving and expertise in data mining and machine learning, Yongsub Lim is a co-founder and Principal Data Scientist of MakinaRocks. He received his Ph.D. in Data Mining from the KAIST School of Computing, which he continued in the Data Mining Lab at Seoul National University as a postdoctoral researcher. Prior to MakinaRocks, Yongsub was a data scientist at SK Telecom specializing in advanced analytics and machine learning for industrial data.

  • Minsoo Park


    Minsoo Park is the Chief Financial Officer of MakinaRocks. With his background as a manager at PWC, as a partner at RSM Korea, and as the VP of Robo3 (currently listed in KONEX), his experience encompasses the full spectrum of finance including venture incubation, IPO auditing, and taxes. Minsoo received his bachelor's degree from the College of Business Administration at Yonsei University.

  • Youngsin Huh

    Business Development Senior Executive

    Youngsin Huh is a Business Development Senior Executive at MakinaRocks. With a background as a senior manager at Accenture Strategy, Accenture Digital, and as the lead of digital strategy consulting practices at IBM Korea, he is a specialist in business development strategy and planning. Prior to MakinaRocks, he was the VP, Head of Solution Biz at Wanted, a referral-based social recruiting platform. Youngsin received his MBA from NYU Stern and his bachelor's degree from the College of Business Administration at Seoul National University.

  • Young Chun

    Business Development Senior Executive

    An experienced operational leader and business consultant of 20+ years, Young Chun is Business Development Senior Executive at MakinaRocks. After completing M.S. in Environmental Engineering and Science at Stanford, Young has worked and led various global projects with a focus on high-tech, hardware, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence, spanning across the five continents. As a spirited advocate of digital transformation that improves both human and environment, Young has significant experience in Smart City, Smart Factory, Digital Plant projects in diverse areas: utilities, chemicals, oil & gas, and more. She started her career in DuPont and has held senior leadership roles at Accenture, EY, and Ericsson.

  • Byoungwan Kim

    Principal Data Scientist

    Byoungwan Kim is a Principal Data Scientist at MakinaRocks, where he is focusing on how to apply artificial intelligence algorithms to solve anomalies present in the industrial sector. After receiving his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Seoul National University, Byoungwan started his career at LG Electronics, performing large scale mobile switching and base station systems development. Before joining MakinaRocks, he worked as a software engineer for GCT semiconductor, Inc., a fabless semiconductor company, where he participated in a number of projects such as WiMAX femtocell/repeater development and LTE/WCDMA/GSM multimode communication modem chipset development. He is currently interested in explainability of anomaly detection AI and reinforcement learning for semiconductor design automation.

  • Byungchan Kim

    Data Scientist

    Byungchan Kim is a Data Scientist at MakinaRocks. Upon completion of his degree in Semiconductor System Engineering at Sungkyunkwan University, Byungchan was employed in the Device Solution Division at Samsung Electronics, where he carried out algorithm development for storage system software and analyzing fab data from photolithography processes using deep learning technology.

  • Seokhwan Kim

    Frontend SW Engineer

    Seokhwan Kim is a Frontend Software Engineer at MakinaRocks. Upon completion of his B.S. in Multimedia Engineering at Dankook University, he was employed as the lead researcher at a company specializing in data visualization. Seokhwan has extensive knowledge and experience with both unstructured and structured data.

  • Daniel Youngho Kim

    Principal Data Scientist

    Daniel Youngho Kim is a Principal Data Scientist at MakinaRocks. With a Ph.D. in Physics from KAIST and 14+ years of experience in data science, he has a wide range of experience in numerous sectors. Prior to MakinaRocks, Daniel supported companies to leverage the value of data analytics and the power of AI technology in diverse industries as a data scientist of SDS and MSD. He believes that his multidisciplinary expertise will contribute to reforming the manufacturing industry through AI.

  • Jemin Kim

    Software Engineer

    Jemin Kim is a Software Engineer at MakinaRocks. Upon receiving his B.S. in Computer Science from Seoul National University, Jemin began his career at SKT, where he developed recommendation systems and cloud computing. He then worked at Naver as a software engineer on computing cloud (based on Hadoop) and GPU clusters (based on yarn). Jemin is currently interested in kubernetes and reinforcement learning.

  • Minhwan Kim

    Software Engineer

    Minhwan Kim is a Software Engineer at MakinaRocks. He received his M.S. in Computer Science from KAIST. He started his career at LG Electronics and was a research engineer applying a machine learning technique to mobile applications. Prior to joining MakinaRocks, he worked as a Software Engineer at Streami, a blockchain startup, where he designed and built infrastructure for cryptocurrency exchange. He has expertise in Distributed Computing, Microservices and Serverless Architecture.

  • Jinwoo Park

    ML Research Engineer

    Jinwoo Park is a Machine Learning Engineer at MakinaRocks. Upon finishing his B.S. in computer science, he worked across a number of different industries as a software developer and research engineer. Jinwoo looks forward to contributing his strong software and machine learning expertise to further industrial ML solutions at MakinaRocks.

  • Youngjae Choung

    ML Research Engineer

    Youngjae Choung is a Machine Learning Engineer at MakinaRocks. He received his M.S. in Industrial Management Engineering at Korea University, and his B.S. in Statistics from Konkuk University. Prior to joining MakinaRocks, he was employed as a research scientist at Soft Factory, a machine learning startup. He is currently interested in solving problems in analytical and probabilistic ways.

  • Jongseob Jeon

    ML Research Engineer

    Jongseob Jeon is a Machine Learning Engineer at MakinaRocks. After receiving his B.S. in Statistics from Konkuk University, he was an intern at the Kakao Search Modeling Team and a researcher at Yonsei University Health System, CCIDS. He is currently intested in interpreting deep learning models.

  • Sungho Joo

    ML Research Engineer

    Sungho Joo is a Machine Learning Engineer at MakinaRocks. He received his B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Seoul National University, where he studied the application and analysis of deep learning into physics-based simulations. As part of his graduate studies in the Simulation-driven Structure Design Laboratory at SNU, he conducted research on deep learning-based industrial image alignment with Samsung Semiconductor Laboratory. His main research interest is practical applications of reinforcement learning.

  • Junwoo Kim

    ML Research Engineer

    Junwoo Kim is a Machine Learning Research Engineer at MakinaRocks. He received his B.S. in Computer Engineering at Dankook University. Prior to joining MakinaRocks, Junwoo studied Deep Generative Model and Deep Learning applications. He has conducted numerous personal projects using Style Transfer and Visual Slam.

  • Minseop Kim

    ML Research Engineer

    Minseop Kim is a Machine Learning Research Engineer at MakinaRocks. He received his B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from Sogang University. Prior to MakinaRocks, Minseop was employed at a biotech startup as a research intern, developing robot control algorithms with reinforcement learning. He is currently interested in solving issues in various sectors by applying reinforcement learning to real-world environments.

  • Seongjin Kim

    Frontend SW Engineer

    Seongjin Kim is a Frontend Software Engineer at MakinaRocks. After receiving his degree in Economics, he was employed as a global business developer at an aircraft manufacturing corporation, where he refined his expertise in the manufacturing industry. Seongjin wants to combine his wide range of experiences and understanding of the manufacturing sector with his vast knowledge of web frontend techniques to develop stable and intuitive products at MakinaRocks.

  • Changhui Lee

    Backend SW Engineer

    Changhui Lee is a Backend Software Engineer at MakinaRocks. He has an extensive background in software engineering with experience as a back-end/front-end software engineer at Nexon Korea working with anomaly detection systems, and as the lead of front-end project development and large scale python back-end development at a fintech startup. Changhui is currently interested in data distributed processing systems and large-scale traffic management.

  • Jeyeol Lee

    ML Research Engineer

    Jeyeol Lee is a Machine Learning Research Engineer at MakinaRocks. He received his M.S. in Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition Laboratory and B.S. in Computer Engineering from Dankook University. Jeyeol's current focus is reinforcement learning and deep generative models.

  • Minjoo Lee

    Data Scientist

    Minjoo Lee is a Data Scientist at MakinaRocks. She received her bachelor's degree in Statistics and Computer Science from Sookmyung Women's Universiy. Before joining MakinaRocks, she was an intern at SIT(Seoul Institue of Technology), where she analyzed data regarding urban safety. She has also conducted several personal projects using deep learning such as a YouTube profanity filtering system, as well as solving the English section of the CSAT with deep learning. Minjoo would like to further focus on Explainable Artificial Intelligence.

  • Kyounghyun Mo

    ML Research Engineer

    Kyounghyun Mo is a Machine Learning Research Engineer at MakinaRocks. He received his M.S. degree from the Data Science & Business Analytics Lab at Korea University. Upon graduation, he started his career in the natural language processing team at SK C&C. He strives to further his knowledge of deep learning research.

  • Jongsoo Park

    Data Scientist

    Jongsoo Park is a Data Scientist at MakinaRocks. Upon completion of his B.S. in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Chung-Ang University, he worked at LG Electronics, Renault Samsung Motors, and IT startups. He is interested in data analysis and machine learning development, and has won several related competitions.

  • Hooncheol Shin

    ML Research Engineer

    Hooncheol Shin is a Machine Learning Research Engineer at MakinaRocks. He studied Industrial Engineering and Computer Science at Hongik University. He has conducted numerous projects using deep learning including: Improving Korean Tokenizer, KorQuAD QA system, Real-time Scream Detection system, Font Styler, Dog Emotional Analysis (with vibration on camera). He is currently interested in sub weight parameter sharing.

  • JongDuk Shinn

    ML Research Engineer

    JongDuk Shinn is a ML Research Engineer at MakinaRocks. He received his B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Statistics from the University of California, Irvine. During his undergraduate years, JongDuk was a research intern at UCI Game, Culture, & Cognition Lab, analyzing League of Legends in-game player with statistical and deep learning methods.

  • Jongsun Shinn

    ML Research Engineer

    Jongsun Shinn is a Machine Learning Engineer at MakinaRocks. He received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Hanyang University. Jongsun has previously worked as an intern in the Quality Management Department at Continental Automotive System and as an undergraduate research intern in the Autonomous Vehicle team of Hanyang University's System and Control Lab, where his focus was vehicle behavior prediction based on statistical and machine learning methods.

  • Yuri Rocha

    ML Research Engineer

    Yuri Rocha is a Machine Learning Research Engineer at MakinaRocks. He received his M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Sungkyunkwan University and his B.S. in Mechatronics from the University of Brasilia. Prior to working at MakinaRocks, Yuri worked with robotic applications such as bi-manual manipulation, robot soccer, and reinforcement learning applied to autonomous navigation. His main research interests are: reinforcement learning, robotics, and simulation-to-real techniques.

  • Wontak Ryu

    ML Research Engineer

    Wontak Ryu is a Machine Learning Engineer at MakinaRocks. He studied Business Administration and Computer Science at Inha University. Prior to MarkinaRocks, he was employed as a Research Engineer Intern at VUNO. Wontak is interested in deep learning and robust deep learning models.

  • Kyeongmin Woo

    ML Research Engineer

    Kyeongmin Woo is a Machine Learning Engineer at MakinaRocks. He studied Computer Science and Public Administration at Korea University. Kyeongmin is interested in a number of studies including reinforcement learning and time series anomaly detection.

  • Hyeonwoo Daniel Yoo

    Data Scientist

    Hyeonwoo Daniel Yoo is a Data Scientist at MakinaRocks. He studied Industrial Engineering at Korea University and Freie Universität Berlin. While pursuing his B.S., he was the receipient of several first-place awards in major data competitions in the energy industry. Prior to joining MakinaRocks, he worked as a Research Assistant Intern at the Smart Production Systems Laboratory in Korea University. He is interested in applying meta-learning to industry.

  • Jisun Jang

    Finance & Administrative Manager

    Jisun Jang is a Finance & Administrative Manager at MakinaRocks. After receiving her B.S. in Chemistry and Business, Jisun began her career in finance. With 10+ years in the Accenture Finance team as a Senior Specialist, her extensive background ranges from managing IPO and financial matters at Com2us to finance management at Lazard Asset Management.

  • Ahreum Kim

    Marketing Manager

    Ahreum Kim is the Marketing Manager of the Seoul branch of MakinaRocks. Her expertise lies in the strategic marketing and PR of B2B companies to maximize brand awareness. Prior to joining MakinaRocks, she worked as a Japanese marketing manager and team leader at Penta Security Systems, an enterprise security company that covers web, IoT, and blockchain security, where she specialized in digital marketing, brand marketing, management, and operation of various social media channels.

  • Hanna Joo

    Marketing Manager

    Hanna Joo is the Marketing Manager at the Silicon Valley branch of MakinaRocks. Hanna has a diverse business background in Governmental and International Corporations such as the Korean government, United Nations, and Samsung. Hanna has a B.A. in both International Studies and French Literature from Ewha Woman's University, and an M.A. in International Studies from Seoul National University.

  • Eunsil Kim

    Brand/Contents Designer

    Eunsil Kim is a Brand/Contents Designer at MakinaRocks. Prior to joining MakinaRocks, she worked as an art gallery curator, and as a graphic designer, rendering ideas through her work in a wide range of mediums. Passionate about simplistic and intuitive design, Eunsil hopes to clearly deliver MakinaRocks's identity with her expertise in branding.

  • Min Seon Kim

    Content Developer

    A multimodal content creator with a passion for digital mediums, Min Seon is a Content Developer, managing global marketing at MakinaRocks. Prior to MakinaRocks, she worked with big data analysis, new business development, and investor relations as Team Lead of the Business Development Intelligence Team at MyMusicTaste, and as a Research Intern at Accenture Korea. With a B.A. in English Language and Literature from Ewha Womans University and an M.A. in ELT Content Development from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, her academic background focuses on the English language with a specialty in digital & virtual environment content curation & development.

  • Mimi Pyo

    HR & Administrative Assistant

    Mimi Pyo is a Human Resources & Administrative Assistant at MakinaRocks. With an extensive background as an Administrative Assistant at Hyundai Motors, Samsung Electronics, and Kolon, Mimi’s core competency lies in her effective communication and organizational abilities, aiding in the systematic and efficient management of employment-related support funds, research personnel, company assets, and recruitment process planning at MakinaRocks.


  • Hong Sung Chang, Ph.D.

    EVP at SK Telecom
    Head of IoT/Data
    Chairman AI Industry Association

  • Alán Aspuru-Guzik, Ph.D.

    Univ. of Toronto
    Vector Institute of
    Artificial Intelligence

  • Young Jae Jang, Ph.D.

    DAIM Research Founder & CEO

  • Sei-Myung Chang, Ph.D.

    Senior Executive
    Managing Director
    Accenture Digital

  • Joseph Sangmin Jeong, Ph.D.

    Co-founder & Partner
    BioPath Ventures

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