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Link™ is a simple AI/ML modeling tool for creating readable pipelines developed as an extension of JupyterLab, widely used by data scientists.
Link minimizes the learning time for existing users by maintaining the usability of JupyterLab.
Experience Link to easily check the overall code flow and develop an optimal model.

Key Features

Build interactive pipelines
Create pipelines of key cells by defining their relationships and execution order and effortlessly edit and manage components across multiple pipelines.
Facilitate collaboration and communication
Save and share execution results (cache data) as well as full or partial pipelines and leverage added functionality (add comments, group components, and convert Python script) for better collaboration and communication.
Expedite your development cycle
Reduce repetitive executions and save time with cached component execution results. The cached execution results can be saved and shared to maintain workflow continuity.
Track every modification to pipelines and source code
Facilitate integration with the version control system (Git) of all source code in the notebook that tracks and manages every change to the pipelines and component source code.

Synchronize the execution environment

Manage packages by specifying those needed in each Jupyter notebook. This enables the easy installation of required packages and ensures a synchronized, collaborative development environment.
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