Experience MakinaRocks Link™ to easily check the overall flow of code and develop optimal models✨

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Link™ is a simple AI/ML modeling tool for creating readable pipelines developed as an extension of JupyterLab, widely used by data scientists.
Link minimizes the learning time for existing users by maintaining the usability of JupyterLab.
Experience Link to easily check the overall code flow and develop an optimal model.

Key Features

Create an interactive pipeline
You can define relations and execution order of each cell, and build pipelines that include key cells. In addition, you can also edit and manage components consisting of pipelines.
Supports powerful collaboration
You can save and share execution results(cache data) as well as all or part of the pipelines. Additional features such as adding comments, component grouping, and Python script conversion will make your collaboration more efficient.
Speeds up your work
When you execute a component, the result will be cached. When the same cell is executed again, the existing results will be re-used, reducing the operation time. Also, the cached execution results can be stored and shared to maintain continuity of operations.
Manages the change history of pipelines and source codes
Supports version management system(Git) integration, which allows version control of all source codes in the notebook, as well as history management of pipelines and source codes of pipeline components.

Supports execution environment synchronization

You can designate the packages you need for each notebook through its package management feature. This will enable you to easily install the packages required for collaboration in the execution environment and develop models in the same environment.
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